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For Founders, By Founders.

Selling your business is more than just a transaction — it's entrusting the brand, team, and community you've built. As a team of founders and builders, we founded Presidio Park to be the founder-first partners we'd want to work with.

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Who We Are.

We are entrepreneurs and builders.

We are a team of entrepreneurs and builders, not a fund. We have collectively worked with hundreds of small business owners and invested over $200m in founders.

We're not here for quick exits. We are partners that protect teams and culture and keep businesses operating for the long-term. 

Our Mission.


Founders First.

We prioritize our relationship with you and give you the flexibility to achieve your personal, economic and professional goals. 


Preserving Roots.

We preserve the roots that make a company great - your founding vision, people, and community. 


Empower Businesses.

We extend our network and experience leveraging technology to grow the reach of your business.

Partnering with Presidio Park Group.


Every founder is at a different stage in their journey. We believe in meeting you where you are – whether that’s continuing to run the business, stepping aside, or retaining ownership to participate in future growth.


We commit to being transparent with you as we learn about your business and share ways we can help. 


We look to provide value to you throughout the process, providing an informed view of your business and ways to grow your value.

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